Hikvision Bullet IP Camera

IP dome cameras are available for indoor or outdoor applications. You can select camera resolution, IR illumination, Wide Dynamic Range and remote zoom and autofocus lens.
The remote zoom and focus lenses make installation much easier. You simply manually aim the camera and then use your computer to zoom and focus the lens. This is a very time-saving feature.

Hikvision Dome IP Camera

WDR allows you to see the video in a wide range of lighting conditions. One example is when you are looking at a loading dock that has sunlight on a part of the floor area. Another example is when people are in front of a large window or glass door and you would like to see the people both inside and outside the area. WDR is usually provided by taking multiple pictures at different gain settings and then averaging the result into one composite picture. Most of the cameras that claim WDR provide at least 60 dB of contrast. The Hikvision cameras are rated at 120 dB.

Hikvision Mini Dome IP Camera

These outdoor ready IP66 rated mini dome cameras are economical dome cameras with fixed lenses. The small size makes them unobtrusive and can be powered using PoE. They all support dual stream video with H.264 compression as well as MPEG4 and MJPEG. The operating environment is -10°C ~ 60°C (14°F ~ 140°F).

Hikvision Box IP Camera

Box cameras are excellent for a very wide range of applications. They are used when you need a special lens or enclosure. They are available in 1.3 Megabytes to

5.0 Megabytes resolution.

You can select from a wide range of lenses. For example, you can select very wide angle fish-eye lenses or megapixel variable lens that ranges from 25 to 135 mm allowing you to identify a persons face from a distance of over 100 ft.

Bullet IP Cameras

These outdoor-ready IP66 rated bullet cameras include IR illumination (20 M to 30 M distance) and remote zoom and focus lens. The remote zoom and auto focus lens makes these cameras very easy to install. You can also select IP cameras with 120 dB wide dynamic range (“-WD” option).