Biometric and RFID Time Attendance Clocking Systems

Biometric Time and Attendance System

Are you looking for a Time attendance system which can increase your efficiency and profitability?, Do you want to implement a proper biometric fingerprint scanning or palm vein reading or smart card reading time attendance machine with comprehensive attendance management software for tracking daily in and out attendance punching and recording of the daily attendances, leaves, overtime, shifts, total working time, and make Notifications on events and movements of your employees in a manner that can give you hundreds of reports to help you to increase your productivity?, then you are at the right place when you are with Secuway Limited.

Our Biometric and RFID Time Attendance Clocking Systems include the use of biometrics to capture/ record employee time attendance. The software has more outstanding features which makes the users feel comfortable to use. It allows arrangement of employees’ work shifts at a given time of a day/ period.

 Biometric Time and Attendance System

Biometric Systems Ltd devotes to provide a cutting edge technology with HybridBiometric, wifi application, RFID, time attendance terminal, internet application and solutions. It provides a full range of solutions including various fingerprints, RFID, face identification and palm recognition, time clocks, portable time clocks, time and attendance management software e.t.c

We help companies, organizations Across Kenya to implement a proper smart system for employee time attendance recording system in Nairobi Kenya. This is done by analyzing their current situation and proposing an appropriate workforce and labor time management solution. With our office located in Nairobi but our services not limited to Nairobi but extended to all the other parts of Kenay and the Entire East African Region  Covering these markets We assist our clients for tracking, recording and managing a proper working time and attendance records of the workers to generate hundreds of management reports like leave reports, absent reports, late reports, visitor reports, overtime reports, shift reports, Man power allocation reports, Man power costing reports, Job costing reports, etc.

Various time attendance punching devices and time clocking machines we provide include, biometric finger print reading attendance machines, RFID smart card reader based attendance systems, palm vein scanning punching machines. All these attendance machines are integrated with our special time attendance management software. Our attendance devices also supports POE connectivity, WIFI (Wireless attendance device), GPRS data transfer to transfer attendance data through mobile SIM cards without any internet connection and LAN connectivity.

Features/ modules

HR/ Employee Management

Time attendance Management

Overtime Management

Payroll Management

Leave Management

Casuals Management

The system incorporate comprehensive reports based on the man hours computed from clocking data. The reports can be exported to excel, pdf, txt, csv and xml making it possible to intergrate with other systems. The system also inbuilt payroll module which uses time / clocking data.

Our Software

Our Software is one of the latest innovations we have for our valued customers and that has more outstanding features which make the users more easy and comfortable to use sophisticated options and features.

20+ Time Attendance Reports

Flexible Report Types with 20+ Formats to fulfill various requirements.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports

Department-wise Summary Reports


Support Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL

Support different database

Easy DB Config tool available

Brand New User-Orientated UI

Refined Graphics

Easy Menu Navigation

Simple to New Users

New Flat-icon Design

Profound “Terminal Zone” Management System

Device management has never been that easy

Auto Data Synchronization among devices in each zone

Auto E-mail Notifications

Auto E-mail delivery of Exception Report to remind involved persons

Calculation of Exception including earliness, lateness and absence