Automated Gates and Barriers by Secuway

Secuway provides state-of-the-art automated gates and barriers designed to enhance the security and accessibility of your property. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, we offer a range of solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of homes, commercial, and industrial properties.

Our Solutions

Automatic Swing Gates

  • Description: Securely open your gate from the comfort of your car and drive in with peace of mind. Our solutions cater to all gate sizes and configurations, ensuring a perfect fit for your property.
  • Features: Remote control access, durable materials, and customizable designs.

Automatic Sliding Gates

  • Description: Experience seamless entry with our automatic sliding gates, designed for both security and convenience, no matter the size or style of your gate.
  • Features: Easy operation, robust construction, and energy-efficient designs.


  • Description: Our range includes full-height and half-height turnstiles, available in manual or electronic systems. Options for single or double entry systems cater to various access control needs.
  • Features: Easy maintenance, secure access, and customizable options for entry control.

Traffic Bollards

  • Description: Ideal for sensitive areas where security is paramount, our traffic bollards, coupled with tire slicing roadway spikes, offer unmatched protection.
  • Features: High durability, effective traffic control, and added security measures.

Automatic Garage Doors

  • Description: Enhance your convenience with our automatic garage doors and roller shutters, making opening and closing as simple as the press of a button.
  • Features: User-friendly operation, high-quality materials, and custom fitting.

Traffic Barriers

  • Description: Essential for efficient and well-utilized parking areas, our traffic barriers ensure controlled access to parking spaces in any business premises or office complex.
  • Features: Reliable performance, easy integration, and superior durability.
Automatic Barriers Kenya

Why Choose Secuway?

  • Increased Security: Our automated solutions provide robust physical barriers to prevent unauthorized access and enhance property safety.
  • Enhanced Access Control: Tailor who enters your property with advanced technology, from remote controls to biometric readers.
  • Improved Safety: Equipped with safety sensors, our products prevent accidents by detecting obstacles in their path.
  • Convenient Access: Automated operation allows for hassle-free entry and exit, making access smoother for authorized individuals.
  • Increased Property Value: By improving security and functionality, our products can boost the overall value of your property.
  • Customizable Solutions: We understand that every property is unique, which is why we offer customizable options to meet your specific needs.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last, our gates and barriers are made from heavy-duty materials, ready to withstand harsh conditions.

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For a tailored solution that meets your unique security and access requirements, reach out to Secuway today. Our team is ready to provide you with expert advice and the best automated gate and barrier solutions on the market.