Surveillance Closed Circuit Television System CCTV CAMERAS

As a leading CCTV company in Kenya, we pride ourselves in offering high end Enterprise grade CCTV installation equipment suitable for various niches’ from commercial, to enterprise, and industrial, military, municipal, banks, casinos, universities, border control, ports, malls and government agencies.

We make use of highly  robust surveillance solution to suite your needs; analog CCTV, IP CCTV and HD CCTV.

Our custom CCTV extended services include:

  • Offsite backup and Cloud backup options of CCTV surveillance for added security
  • Installation of Integrated Security Systems (ISS) and video management software
  • Installation of a Unified / Centralized CCTV platforms of IP and analog camera systems (or both) incase of distributed sites / branches
  • Remote and mobile surveillance platforms
  • Supply, implementation and servicing of CCTV equipments.
  • Command / Monitoring centre design and setup
  • Surveillance video analytic systems i.e face capture and recognition, License plate recognition, traffic monitoring, intrusion and perimeter analytics, object tracking and many more
  • Consultancy and design of surveillance systems and infrastructure

Secuway Realtime products provide Enterprise grade CCTV and IP cameras setups with:

  • Video Management Software / Central Management Software available FREE OF CHARGE with no annual maintenance, licenses or other recurring costs
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