Time Attendance and Clocking System

Time Attendance/ Clocking Systems Provided by Secuway include the use of RFID cards, Numbering through Keypads and biometrics system to capture/ record employee time attendance. The software has more outstanding features which makes the users feel comfortable to use. It allows arrangement of employees’ work shifts at a given time of a day/ period.

We devote ourself in providing installation of a cutting edge technology with Hybrid Biometric, wifi application, RFID, time attendance terminal, internet application and solutions. Secuway provides a full range of solutions including various fingerprints, RFID, face identification and palm recognition, time clocks, portable time clocks, time and attendance management software e.t.c

KSh43,000.00 Exc. VAT
KSh35,000.00 Exc. VAT

ZKTECO Multi Biometric

ZK FV18(New) Multi-Biometric

KSh52,000.00 Exc. VAT
KSh33,500.00 Exc. VAT
KSh20,000.00 Exc. VAT
KSh30,000.00 Exc. VAT
KSh17,000.00 Exc. VAT
KSh19,500.00 Exc. VAT
KSh46,000.00 Exc. VAT