ZKTeco Touchless Biometrics with Mask and Body Temperature Detection in Kenya

Securway Limited is a dealer Reseller and supplier of Touchless Biometrics with Mask and Body Temperature Detection Equipment in Kenya. Touchless Biometric Tool is a powerful surveillance system for mask and body temperature detection mechanism that identities surgical masks users by quickly checking and measuring their body temperature, for symptoms associated with contagious and hard to contain sickness causing germs such as COVID-19 pandemic.

The touchless biometric solutions offer safe and secure facial recognition even for masked people since they offer security to people who are worried and concerned about possibility of being infected by the virus through droplets associated with placing hands or fingers on the same sensor, doorknob, or handle where countless others have also placed theirs.

These ZKTeco products are instrumental in helping prevent exposure and contribute to protecting the public from Coronavirus. With the help of Computer Vision technology, ZKTeco’s upgraded terminals can identify whether the user is wearing a mask, while conducting fast and effective facial recognition.

At Security Systems International Ltd we deal in the ZKTeco Touchless Biometrics Systems that include:

  • ProFace X (TD) – Face, Palm-vein, Mask and Body Temperature Detection
  • ZK-D3180S (TD) – Walk Through Metal Detector with Body Temperature Detection
  • SpeedFace-V5L (TD) – Face, Palm-vein, Mask and Body Temperature Detection
  • ZN-T5/W – Thermal Security Network Camera

Contact us for touchless biometrics solutions with features such as visible light facial recognition and touchless palm recognition, body temperature detection sensor, masked face detection device and computerised system that denies access to unmasked people to premises or public areas such as hospitals, factories, schools, commercial buildings, security stations and even homes.