ZKTeco Software in Kenya

For ZKTeco Software in Kenya, get in touch with the official authorized ZKteco Distributors in Kenya; Security Systems International Ltd. The ZKTeco Software has been developed for professional industry solutions for different industries’ properties and scale such as ZKbiosecurity Manufacturing, Visitors Management, Door management, Parking Management, Hotel Management, Touchless Access and Time Attendance Management.

ZKteco Software are variously designed for application for mobile access control solutions, one smart card solutions, mobile attendance solutions, time management solutions, and access control terminal for crowd traffic solutions and web based solutions.

ZKTeco Software Solutions:

Time Management Solutions:
BioTime is a powerful web-based time attendance software which offers the most innovative features a time attendance software can offer.

High Availability and Security Solution:
ZKBioHA prevent the professional real-time sync of business data and business continuity protection for customer, which solves software/ hardware single point of failure

Mobile Attendance Solutions:
Time cube is a cloud platform specialized for professional service; it combines the smart attendance terminal and Time cube’s HR management system to perfectly generate an enterprise management cloud platform. With Time cube, users are able to solve various problems of enterprises’ attendance, personnel management and collaborative office, and quickly achieve informatized management.

One Smart Card Solution:
ZKTeco One card Solution ensures users’ convenience of using apartments’ entrance control, lift-car access control, access time or attendance recording, club facilities use recording with just one single card. The building manager can have complete building security with one solution; universal card readers are available in a Basic Unit or the more sophisticated Enterprise Model. Apart from the basic access control functions by the standalone system, ZKTeco also offers a variety of add-on modules for higher flexibility and customization.

Mobile Access Control Solution:
Mobile access control solution offers a new method of access with just simply with mobile devices like smart phone, tablets etc. With NFC or Bluetooth technology, it enables high cost efficiency of access control management of identification function access points that can definitely replace conventional physical RFID card.

Access Control Terminal People Counting Solutions:
ZKTeco’s visible light people counting system integrates access control, facial recognition and video surveillance, which automatically counts and controls people traffic conveniently, precisely and effectively. It enables management staffs to effortlessly monitor crowd traffic and control number of people in a certain site, and integrates entrance control, tracking, and instant notification of event and instant view of crowd status. ZKTeco People Counting System is an optimal choice for businesses which require a better people count performance.