Secuway Ltd is Dealer, Supplier and Reseller of ZKTeco Products in Kenya. We are the sole official authorised distributors for the ZKTeco products in Kenya. ZKTeco is a leading global developer of access control and time attendance devices and management software solutions.

ZKTeco is globally known for touchless biometric security devices, smart access control & entrance control devices, smart hotel locks, time attendance & access control systems, security inspection systems and green label technology. Due to huge economies of scale, we strive to bring a comprehensive product line that is flexible and most affordable to the consumer.

ZKTeco product range includes;

TOUCHLESS BIOMETRIC devices with MASK and BODY TEMPERATURE DETECTION SYSTEMS with powerful surveillance tech that identifies users with masks and checks their body temperature quickly at a distance.

We are distributors of ZKTeco Touchless Biometrics such as:
Proface X (TD) – Face, palm vein, mask and body temperature detection
ZK-D3180S (TD) – walk through metal detector with body temperature detection
Speed Face – V5L (TD) – Face, palm vein, mask and body temperature detection
ZN-T5/W – Thermal security network camera.
Thermal Scanning systems – such as CCTV cameras with body temperature detector

ZKTeco Hotel Locks

ZK Bio-lock hotel lock systems meet the maximum security needs of small and medium industry players, the individual style and low operation costs associated with them. It provides comprehensive access control and system management with an easy ”one-click” installation.

The ZKTeco Locks we supply include ZKTeco Smart Locks, Hotel Locks, House Locks and Office Locks. The series are House Lock with touch screen keypad, Hotel Lock LH Series, House Lock with touch screen keypad, GL 300 Locks for Glass Doors, ZM 100 Lock with face recognition, House Lock with Bluetooth and Office Lock with Bluetooth.


ZKTeco offers a security technique and fingerprint clocking devices using biometrics for recording employees. ZKTeco time attendance and access control devices are the most popular biometric devices for time attendance that offer accurate and cost effective solutions available in the workplace.

We supply a wide range including F series, X series, S series, K series, G series and W series of time attendance & access control devices such as stand alone biometric devices, palm detection devices, face detection devices, elevator control systems, access controllers, exit readers, guard tour patrol systems (S922 with GPRS), finger enrollers, portable time attendance devices, touch screen time attendance devices and vandal proof readers….among many more.


The ZKTeco security inspection devices that we supply include walk through metal detectors (ZK-D2180S, ZK-D3180S and ZK-D4330), turnstiles with biometric reader (FHT2300 and FHT2400), , tripods and speed gate (TS2000 Pro and TS2100) , baggage scanners (Models: ZKX-5030A, ZKX-5030C, LD-5030 and ZKX-6550A), hand held metal detectors (ZK-D100S and ZK-D180), UHF readers (UHF card issuer, UHF reader and UHF stick tag), ZKteco parking systems or vehicle entrance control (plock-1 and plock-2).


ZKTeco are leading the renovation of the traditional cashier industry through the production and supply of quality advanced technological POS terminal systems such as ZKTeco barcode scanner and ZKTeco printer.


This is ZKTeco latest all-in-one software platform PUSH HTTPS communication protocol. It comprises USB readers and AC Standalone terminals – Advances Access Control Panel, InBio-Pro. The Green Label Series meets all needs for any project.
These include: ProRF, ProFAC, ProFaceX, G1, G2, G3, ProCapture-T, ProCapture-W, ProCapture-X, ProCapture-WP and InBio Pro Series.