ZK-Biolock Hotel Locks in Nairobi, Kenya

Secuway Ltd is an authorized distributor of ZKBiolock Hotel Lock Systems in Nairobi, Kenya. ZKBiolock Hotel Locks are among the ZKTeco series of Biometric Fingerprint Hotel Door Hotel Management Software. This hotel lock system is specially designed to meet the needs of small and medium sized hotels with maximum security while meeting individual style at low operation costs, hence economical.

ZKBiolock access control software is a hotel electronic door lock system that allows for comprehensive access control by offering an easy “one-click” installation.

ZKBiolock Features:
• Easy installation with “one-click” operation only
• Check-in, check-out and reservation for hotel guest
• Set card expiration date and time
• Create master, building, floor and other employee cards
• Create lost card to remove lost or stolen cards from the system
• Create record card to get the unlock logs from the hotel lock Matrix design allow you to see the room status
• All issued cards are logged in the software for viewing at any time
• Easy to program
• Requires USB encoder to program mifire cards(sold separately)
• Support Microsoft Windows 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP
• Support Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database or more advanced
• Support English/ Spanish language