X-Ray and Walkthrough Scanners in Kenya

Secuway Ltd offers an extensive range of ZKTeco X-RAY BAGGAGE SCANNERS and WALKTHROUGH METAL DETECTORS to cater for both large baggage and small baggage screening needs in Kenya. We supply 5030A, 5030C, LD5030 and 6550A models of X-Ray Baggage Scanner Machines that are ideal for high security premises and checkpoints such as airports, Government offices, Railways, MRTS and other premises for ensuring all luggage entering the aeroplane or being carried into buildings are safe from being contraband or drugs trafficking destined.

We deal in both ZKTeco and Garret WALK THROUGH METAL DETECTORS that come with different numbers of detection zones such as 18 and 33 zones to guarantee accurate location and detection of metallic object on the person or luggage. They enhance safety and security of people by deterring theft of metallic spare parts, products and objects, harmful objects like guns and knives in public places, schools, offices, hospitals and airports.

Our X-Ray inspection devices and walk-through scanners are highly economical and sourced from world renowned firms for use in airports, government premises, hotels, embassies and consulates, among other high-profile assignments.