Wireless Nurse Call System in Kenya

For complete Sherlotronic Wireless Nurse Call Solutions in hospitals, frail care facilities, ICU and medical centers in Kenya, contact Secuway Ltd. We offer Sherlotronic brand of Nurse Call Systems, also known as Hospital Patient Call Systems – that are easy to install and are specifically designed for nursing homes, assisted living centers and senior members of society facilities to help the nurses, doctors, and caregivers improve response times from patients.

Wireless nurse call system or medical assistant have the ability to send calls and alerts to a caregiver’s wireless phone, making them useful for acute care facilities where quick and easy communication is crucial. Since it does not need the usage of any wires, wireless nurse call bell system is very simple for hospital staff to deploy and use within minutes in order to provide fast and respectable medical service without any human errors or medical assistance delay, which could occur.

Advantages of Wireless Nurse Call Station
⦁ Wireless Nurse Call Solutions to Improve Efficiency and Safety
⦁ Wireless, easy to install nurse call solution regardless of facility size
⦁ Wireless two-way voice communications from resident rooms to a nurse station
⦁ Wireless supervised corridor lights for improved visual room identification
⦁ Easy system expansion, relocation and cost-effective wireless installation
⦁ Variety of wall-mounted and wearable/portable panic buttons

For the complete Wireless Nurse Call button for nurse care bed call or frail care nurse call in hospitals at the most competitive prices in Kenya, get in touch with us