What you need to know about your automatic gate System

  1. How does gate maintenance work?
  2. Avoid future breakups
  3. Detect a problem and solve it immediately avoiding high repair costs
  4. Avoid unpleasant incidents in the house due to the malfunction of some component such as the photocells
  5. Type of gates
  6. Swing gate: this type of gate consists of two leaves that open by rotating on a fulcrum. Generally, the doors open inwards, but it can change as the characteristics of the gates vary according to the type of ground where they will be installed.
  7. Sliding gate: this type of gate has a movable part that slides on a grid placed horizontally on the ground. It is the perfect solution for houses with limited space
  8. How many types of motors are there?
    • Linear motors: they are equipped with the best technology with ball screws, which guarantee high speed with medium-high power thrust performance. They are typically used as an alternative to hydraulic or pneumatic systems.
    • Articulated motors:they are ideal to automate swing gates even with large pillars. The application behind the column makes the motor almost invisible from the outside of the gate: an excellent solution for those who do not want to damage the outside design
    • Hydraulic motors: they are generally the cheapest in their category but equally robust. They provide excellent performance with a minimum opening time. In orbital hydraulic motors, the rollers are hydrodynamically supported; this reduces friction to a minimum and ensures excellent performance even at high pressures
    • Underground motors: they differ in their sturdiness and discreet appearance that makes them almost invisible. This type of motor maintains the design of the entrance unchanged and is suitable for all types of gates. This solution is also perfectly suitable for residence gates that require a daily large workload
  9. What happens in case the gate fails?
  10. Why do I need to rely on Haven Automation??

How much does automatic gate cost?

Automatic gates come in a wide range of styles, materials, and operating methods, all of which impact the final cost of the project. The average cost of automatic gate is KSH110,000 for swing gate and KSH130,000 for a slide gate.Labour and installation costs included.

The automatic gate opener is a device that opens or closes the gate automatically. First, there are different gate openers for different gate types. The main gate types are sliding and swing gates. The swing gate can have one or two leaves. The swing gates work like regular doors in the house. The sliding gate requires less space for open/close. They are more common in commercial use.

The gate motors are usually available as an articulated arm, if you have a dual swing gate, you need two articulated arms. The gate weight and size are also important, the driveway gate is usually 10 to 12 feet long. The standard size of the swing gate is 16 or 18 feet of length. The gate weigh depends on the material, iron, wood, vinyl and other materials.

You can choose the power source for your gate opener. There are AC transformer, battery backup or solar panel. If you choose AC power, just connect the machine to your preexisting power source. The solar panel is economical options, it saves electricity power. The battery backup is very useful when the power is out. But many gate openers use a combination of all these three power sources.

ALEKO AS1200 Accessories Kit Swing Gate Opener for Dual Swing Gates Up to 16-ft Long and 1200-Pounds

AS1200 for Dual Swing Gate is a benefit to the residential and commercial applications. It applies remote usage and avoids manual operation that keeps you calm and dry inside your vehicle. ALEKO AS1200 swing gate opener is having a 24V DC motor which regulate the opener. It can resist gates weighing up to 1320 lbs and length up to 20 ft (10 ft and 660 lb per leaf). The smooth running of motor gives the opener a greater life and durability.

  • Open and close the gate by remote control and keypad
  • Emergency release key in case of power failure
  • Dual-Single gate running mode
  • Optional master and slave gate running
  • Adjustable opening-closing interval between master and slave gate
  • Stop-Reverse in case of obstruction during gate opening-closing
  • Digital display indicates the running situation and setting menu
  • Reliable electromagnetism limit for easy to adjust

ALEKO AR2700ACC Sliding Gate Opener for Sliding Gates

Open gates weighing up to 2700 lbs or 60 Ft in length effortlessly with this gear rack driven sliding gate opener. It is designed with a 120V AC (2 HP equivalent) motor which provides exception torque and its continuous operation makes it ideal for most applications. 13 ft nylon gear rack tracks is included in the kit and if your gates are more than 13 ft in length then you can opt for an extra rack from the “gear racks” section at an affordable price.

  • Opens gates weighing up to 2700 lb or 60 Ft in length
  • Stop/reverse in case of obstruction during gate opening/closing
  • Included: gate opener unit, set of nylon gear racks 13 ft (3.3 ft each, 4 pcs)metal base, two remotes, keypad, push button, set of photocell, mounting hardware
  • Built in adjustable auto-close (0, 30, 60, 90 seconds)
  • Power supply: AC 120V – 60Hz
  • Absorbed power: 550W
  • Operating time: 0 – 44 seconds
  • Max torque: S35Nm
  • Built in max 90 seconds motor running time for multiple safety protection

Automatic gate for sale in kenya

We offer best quality gates at the be prize ever in kenya. Due to our good prices in kenya Hven has become the leading supplier of electric or remote gate sale in kenya.Below are some of the gates we stock and their prices

Centurion D5-Evo gate motor (Light Industrial / Domestic)


The evolution of the tried and tested D5 500kg gate motor for domestic and light-industrial applications. Incorporating battery backup you can bank on, potent push force and an intelligent LCD controller for easy setup, not to mention a gamut of features all tailor-made for the ultimate in security and convenience, the CENTURION D5-Evo is the apex predator of gate motors – it simply has no competition and no equal. Buy at Best and Discounted prices in Nairobi kenya

Automatic Chain Link Gate Opener

The automatic gate opener takes 16 seconds to open or close the gate. The gate weight doesn’t matter if it doesn’t exceed the limit. You can install this automatic gate opener on the farm gate of up to 20 feet in length, on 12 feet ornamental iron gate or 14 feet long chain-link gate.

Linear Actuator

The Automatic box includes hardware for installation, two remote controls, battery charger, AC transformer, control box, linear actuator and installation manual. The linear actuator ensures 400 pounds of thrust. Also, it provides a compression rating of 1000 pounds. The required lead-acid battery isn’t included.

Sentry Plug N Go

This automatic swing gate opener uses the Plug N Go system, which means there is no need for wiring and the installation process is short and simple. It lasts under an hour. the universal mounting brackets provide push to open and pull to open the installation system.

LockMaster Sliding Gate Opener Electric Gate Opener Kit 1200KG 6M Rail Keypad


Automatic Sliding Gate Opener motor

The automatic sliding gate opener features a powerful 240V AC motor, that is designed for heavy duty use. It can power gates with a maximum weight of up to 1200KGs.


  • Powerful 450W with maximum weight capacity of 1800kg
  • Recommended gate weight of 1200kg for faster operation
  • Smooth and ultra-quiet opening & closing
  • User programmable and erasable wireless keypad
  • Built to last nylon-reinforced racks
  • Emergency manual release key
  • Built-in adjustable auto-close system
  • Pedestrian/midway mode available
  • Quick selection for open/close direction
  • Reliable rolling code technology for remote control
  • Built-in motor running limitation
  • Reliable electromagnetism limit for easy adjustment
  • Smart secure system: Stop/reverse when in contact with obstruction
  • Can be equipped with a wide range of accessories
  • Motor: 240V AC
  • Power: 450W
  • Max weight capacity: 1800kg
  • Recommended gate weight: 1200kg
  • Gate moving speed: 12m/min
  • Max pulling force: 160N
  • Max torque: 28Nm
  • Protection class: IP44
  • Ultra-quiet rail: 6×1m
  • Wireless keypad: included
  • Dimension: 29 × 29 × 15cm

Centurion D5-Evo gate motor (Light Industrial / Domestic)


Sleek, stylish, secure and strong: these are some of the words that describe the centurion VANTAGE linear swing gate motor for domestic and industrial gates. VANTAGE gate automation comes standard with battery backup offers a quick and easy (not to mention good looking) installation. It is an exceptionally strong set of operators for gates up to 4m wide, per leaf (consult specifications for further details).Boasting tough-as-nails die-cast aluminium construction throughout, a grade 304 stainless steel wormshaft for the ultimate in reliability and durability and with sophisticated electronics for smooth, safe operation, VANTAGE gives you everything you need to swing the future your way.



The CENTURION D10 uses a battery-driven high-torque 24V DC motor, coupled to a robust gearbox to provide an access automation system that is quick, powerful and battery backed up – perfect for industrial and commercial applications where heavy gates are installed. Easy to set up and easy on the eye, the CENTURION D10 has everything you’d expect from CENTURION. Add an LCD controller that can monitor diagnostics and set any function at the touch of a button and you’ll understand why you won’t need another gate motor for a long time

V-Groove Wheel Roller for slide gate opener


V-Groove Wheel, Sliding Gate Track Roller with Bracket, Heavy Duty Rigid Casters for Barn Door, Industrial Machines Carts, Wire Rope Rail, Load Capacity 660 lbs.

MATERIAL: V-groove casters are made of high quality steel with galvanized, which are strong, anti-rust and anti-corrosion
DIMENSION: The wheel is 2 inch in diameter, Slot width is 0.74 inch, Groove depth is 0.39 inch, (Please confirm your size of V track before order)
LOAD CAPACITY: 660lbs capacity, easy to carry up heavy duty gate
Roll Bearing: Double roll bearing slid more stable and smooth, it is convenient to push gate
MULTI-APPLICATIONS: Fit to heavy duty sliding gate, inverted track, factory door, industrial machines track project, dog gate, garage door, garden gate

Adjustable Slide Gate opener Guide Rollers


Adjustable Slide Gate Guide Rollers Upper Bolted Bracket Mount 6” Black Dual UHMW Hard Nylon Ball Bearing Guiders Heavy Duty Steel Assembly Anti Tipping for Sliding Rolling Gates

Equipped to Fit any Slide Rolling Gates – Bolted Bracket Mount 4” x 4”
Adjustable Hard Ball Bearing Nylon Upper Bracket – Up to 4.5” inches
Over All Shaft Dimensions – 10” L x 2”W x 2”D
Prevents Gate from falling off the tracks and enhances the performances Heavy Duty Steel Bracket – Build to Last a lifetime

Remote Control for Sliding Gate Opener 4 Buttons


Remote Control for Sliding Gate Opener 4 Buttons Switch with Keychain Battery 433.92MHz Black Mini Remote Control Transmitter

MATERIAL — Abs plastic shell & metal edging. NOTE–Our remote control is only compatible with the all gate openers!!! ADDING& DELETE REMOTE CONTROLS — At most 25 remote controls can be learned. SINGLE BUTTON MODE — The four buttons have the same function, one same button on the remote control to circularly control the main engine OPEN/STOP/CLOSE/STOP. EASY TO PROGRAM AND CARRY — Small size can be carried around and with only buttons controlling the action of the gate.

Infrared Solar Swing Sliding Gate Opener


The infrared sensors can be placed between automatic gates to ensure that the sliding gate will not close accidentally on a vehicle or a person.


  • Hard frosted photocell
  • Design for any rough weather
  • Infrared technology
  • Detection range up to 20M
  • Automatic beam for detection
  • 12 months warranty

INTERNAl — Single beam active intruder infrared detector with buit-in AGC control circuit.Can effectively prevent sunlight.
APPEARANCE — Beautiful structure,small size,easy to install.
MATERIAL DESIGN — Totally-sealed rainproof and mothproof design.
APPLICABILITY — Can be widely used for access control system,parking lot,defence wall,door and window,balcony,garage,passage and other places.
NOTE — The installation height should be lower than people,please also consider the height of the child for security.

Collapsible Sliding Aluminium Automatic Outdoor Gate

Collapsible Sliding Aluminium Automatic Gate is with good design and firm structure, with strong visual impact and colors customized. It is suitable for access control at commercial main gate point. The automatic gate is widely used to factory gate, school gate, villa front gate, residential yard gate, hospital main gate, public and commercial building outdoor entrance etc.

, Materials used large cast aluminum parts,The door used standard:105*55,Thickness 1.5mm(The actual thickness),indirect materials used to increase the solid core aluminum material can withstand the weight of 4 ton no distortion, no fracture, using new 50 large pulley groove,Anxia door body with special aluminum materials and aluminum solid core tire big wheel (widened solid core aluminum big wheel, “the quality of security for life,” made

Garage Door Opener Gate Opener


Haven Automation garage door automations allow you to automate garage entrances. The different models of garage door automations are designed to meet all safety and energy saving needs. We create automations for overhead doors or sectional garage doors for residential, industrial and / or condominium use.

Smart Controller- Universal gate opener / garage door opener phone remote control and 1080P Full-HD outdoor surveillance camera, all-in-one!Realtime monitor, open and close your door openers remotely using your smartphone from anywhere, any time!
Realtime Monitor- Features 1080p resolution full high definition CMOS sensor and infrared IR LED, the wireless camera is designed for ultra-sharp clear image and monitor in complete darkness. 24/7 live video display on your smart phone with the FREE Linkcraft APP greatly ensures your garage or gate safe and security. No worry about the status of the door.
Smartphone Control- Work with all TOPENS NON-SOLAR Gate Openers, and compatible with most NON-SOLAR gate openers / garage door openers with TOPENS ERM12 External Receiver which is sold separately. Multi-users monitor and control, share your WIFI camera and gate remote access with family and friends. Up to 50 cameras can be added to our APP, and take pictures and record videos for your gate or garage on your phone.
Clever Design- IP44 Weatherproof – This camera is perfect for outdoor use, works well under rough weather like storm and snow. Features TOPENS rolling code security technology, the controller uses 433.92MHz wireless communication with motor’s receiver. Add up to 128 GB micro SD card (optional, SD card NOT included), the video is to be recorded day and night. Easy-to-follow manual is included for quick setting up.

Automated Gates | Motorized / Electric gates solutions

Automated gates are commonly used to provide access control to homes, guarded places like airports, parking lots, manufacturing sections, clearance, forwarding terminals etc…They offer two main security features; managing the security of areas and controlling the access; entry and exit. We specialize in

Turnstile systems are used for access control and passing authorization. These turnstiles vary as different types. The Swing gate turnstiles are also named as disabled passing turnstile. The disabled turnstile can be safely preferred in different lengths of spaces with different arm lengths. These turnstiles systems should be used 100% in every area that needs turnstiles usage. Because it is not possible for individuals with disabilities to pass through a normal turnstile. The fact that people with disabilities cannot pass the normal turnstiles increases the usage of swing gate turnstiles. Swing gate turnstiles, which separate as cylinder, glazed, wide arms in itself, respond automatically by sensing the movement of the person if someone stays front of the turnstile during forward and back motion of the turnstile ,and automatically stop the operation to prevent any harm to the person while closing .. It is also possible to control these turnstiles with single or double buttons. If you will control with one button, the turnstile will be closing every time after the button is pushed ,if it is open, and it will be opening if it is closed. For the double button control ,there are two different buttons for opening and closing>


Swing Gate Turnstile with plexy glass has a compact design and saves space. It can run in combination with access control systems or can be controlled by remote control or button if desired. The thick plexy arm is impact resistant and does not break easily.
It has a powerful motor that can handle the weight of the arm and has been tested for opening and closing 3 million times. It is ideal for intensive use and adds elegance to the area that it is used with its decorative appearance. When it is opened, it leaves a clear passing area of 9 0 cm and can easily pass disabled vehicles such as wheelchairs. It can be operated combined with tripod and quick pass turnstiles nearby them .
It has two plastic covers on it and allows you to easily install the access control device. The opening and closing times of the swing gate turnstile door can be adjusted. Suitable for intensive passings, runs quiet and fast.Automatic Sliding gates and Swing gates
Gate operators are a mechanical device which are used to open and close gates, most often found at the end of driveways. These operators come in lots of types including hydraulic, electromagnetically or solar panels. They can be programmed to be used manually or via a wireless transmitter, both designed for swinging or sliding gate openings.The type and operation of a system will depend on the size and type of gate used. There are many different types of gate systems and they come in different sizes, some will swing open from a pillar of a gate post, some will slide side to side and some with slide open and close.The majority of automatic gates use an integrated security system with access controls have a slide mechanism. These gates usually work on an electric motor with either an AC of DC, this allows the cooling oil reduction gearbox to give power to the driving cog, this will allow the gate to drive on a steel rack. The power of the motors for an electric gate is factored by the RPM and the reduction ratio of the gear box. Swing motor power also factors in the same content and ideas but instead works on a ring gear formula and not an oil reduction box. These gears turn onto a drive shaft which elevates an arm attached via a universal joint to the electric gate. There is an option to choose a piston system if you have a swing gate but this mechanism is often slower and work on a worm gear.Swing gates are hinged on posts or pillars, they may open in other directed and can be automated using an electronic system. These electronic underground systems have their motors installed below the pillar and gates in a foundation box. The motor will be connected by an invisible series of levers so the only thing visible above ground is the box and a lid. Mounted pillars or over ground systems are usually found on the back of the pillar, inside the gate. These systems can come in different varieties like Rams, linear or articulated arms, the choice depends upon the application. Articulated arms are usually used on wrought iron and rams on wooden gates.Sliding gates run along tracks or sometimes a cantilever system. These tracks are installed width-ways across a driveway and to the side of the pillars. The gate runs over this track with the assistance of rollers, much like a train on the rails. Cantilevered gates are used when this type of track, which runs across entrances, is not wanted or is impossible (because an uneven surface for example). These sliding mechanisms are operated by a motor and gear box, which are installed out of view and inside the gate Gate automation systems and accessories

if you have installed a gate on your property or business premises, having an electric gate opener becomes a worthwhile consideration, we are the leading gates automation provider in Nairobi Kenya and the rest of east Africa. Automating your gate is a great way to make it more convenient to enter and exit your property, eliminating the need to physically open and close it.
When you come to consider the automation of your front residential gate or business premise, you’ll want to make sure you choose a model of gate opener that’s ideal for your particular gate. With their fantastic high-tech features, convenience, and cutting-edge safety features, today’s automatic gate openers are a must-have if your property is secured with a swinging or sliding front gate. There are numerous options available for power sources, external interfaces like remote controls, and safety features.
Gate openers provide effortless control over who can get into your property, keeping you and your belongings safe from unwanted intruders. With an automatic electric gate opener, you’ll be able to effortlessly enter and exit through the gate. At, Haven technologies Kenya we have some of the best and also the most affordable Security solutions Systems in the region. We give you the best choice at a professional level to suit your needs

  • Centurion Automatic Remote Gate sliding
  • Centurion Automatic Remote Gate sliding

We are the leading installer and supplier of quality Centurion Automatic Remote in Nairobi Kenya. Haven is the leading installer of automated gates in Kenya. These gates are sometimes referred to as electric gates or remote gates. They operate by sliding on a rail they are installed on the ground. Wheels are fitted on the gate and this makes it easy for the gate to slide along the rail while opening or closing. You can have the gates installed on both your residential and commercial premises. Apart from using a remote control to open the gate, you can also use your phone to have the gate opened. This is done by simply sending an SMS e.g. OPEN. It helps in quick entry and exit especially in emergency situations.
A sliding gate
can suit a home that has limited space and all of our machines are now able to automate existing gates you have at your home and industrial complexes.
Automatic Remote Gate
Open your gate securely from comfort of your car and drive in with peace of mind. Regardless of the size of your gate or configurations (swing or slide) we have the right solution Haven technologies deals with Automated Gates & Barriers i.e. D5 Evolution Centurion sliding Gates, Centurion Claws main among others Centurion Automatic Remote Gate sliding Advantage Little Space required: with sliding gates, a small amount of space is required in front and behind the gate. That’s because the gate will retract to the side of the gate, as opposed to a swinging gate that will swing inwards or outwards. This means you can have your gate located relatively close to the roadside without a problem.

How do you manually open an automatic gate?

First, locate the lock in your sliding gate motor. In most cases, this lock is placed on the bottom right side. After knowing where the lock is, insert the release key and turn it. This will allow the knob to turn and release the gate from its automatic functions. How do you manually open an automatic gate? Power Failure Solutions: How To Manually Open An Electric Gate

  1. Step 1: Undo the bolt. …
  2. Step 2: Push the arm down. …
  3. Step 3: Open the gate. …
  4. Step 1: Open the door on the motor. …
  5. Step 2: Manually slide the gate open. …
  6. Step 3: Close the door on the motor

Can you automate existing gates?

In most cases, existing gates can be modified to be motorized with gate openers. … Timber gates or gates originally not designed and built to be automated could reduce the life expectancy, as gate automation does place additional stress across the gate

Can I open my gate with my phone?

BGates is a device which may be used on any automatic gate, which, via a phone SIM enables you to open a motorized gate using a simple free call from a mobile or a click on the APP freely downloadable onto IOS and Android phone.

How do you open a gate without a remote?

First, locate the lock in your sliding gate motor. In most cases, this lock is placed on the bottom right side. After knowing where the lock is, insert the release key and turn it. This will allow the knob to turn and release the gate from its automatic functions