Ways to Manage Remote Employee Attendance During the Covid Crisis

As lockdown continues over a moth for now due to Coronavirus many companies are implementing flexible work arran work-from-home adoption in many IT sector.  Tracking attendance manually for remote employees is a huge task and so to ease attendance monitoring, to avoid time theft organisations must deploy a mobile enabled attendance management solution. This online attendance management software built with customized modern day remote workforce in mind will let the flexibility you seek for remote work.

With Mobile time and attendance tracking software companies can streamline & manage attendance effectively. It alerts managers on missed out shift-in persons & provides visibility on who is in at the moment. Especially when the workforce is large and dispersed enabling time and attendance automation through Mobile devices can let employees to self-register their shift in time with their smartphones from anywhere, besides with the Geo tagging option employers can monitor employees’ location, along with date and time stamps.

Also, contactless attendance systems based on iris or facial recognition may be embraced more broadly for attendance tracking in the wake of COVID-19. All these software solutions will cut down on errors from manual employee time tracking and helps payroll processing time when integrated with Payroll software. Whatever industry we have solutions to solve your unique problems and make work easy for you.

Ours is a highly flexible time management system that lets you to easily convert data into actionable, valuable information. A dedicated app built for the organisation will do the job easily for employees operating from different locations. It’s also scalable, as well as supportive to any attendance policy changes envisaged in future. To Get more info about this effective time and attendance software solutions leave us an enquiry and we’ll get in touch with you.