Video door phones or intelligent door phone

Video door phones or intelligent door phone are a must have appliance for your home. They not only provide you security but also deter potential offenders. Secuway are equipped with a host of features such a wide colour display screen, vandal-resistant high resolution camera, intercom facility, etc. that allow you to see and communicate with the visitor at your door.

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video door phone renders you peace of mind and assists you to maintain your security properly both at home as well as in your office. With the rate of burglary and break-ins increasing every single day, it really proves to be advantageous to know who is standing on the other side of the door before even opening it. Night vision video door phone system is also a must and you must therefore look for a unit which has a clear light night vision. You can now browse the collection of video phones online on Snapdeal and get one for your home or office.

In order to prevent burglars or break-ins, these advanced tools are perfect in this respect. They have cameras installed at your door entry and also incorporate an intercom speaker. The entire circuit is connected to the phone instrument and also has a video display monitor which enables you to know who is waiting outside your doorstep, thus preventing you to open up your doors to strangers. Such intercom speaker at the door is extremely useful to know about the purpose of visit in case of strangers.  These units are available in an array of options such as wired as well as wireless video door phone having GSM and SMS systems, to keep you constantly notified about the events taking place.

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