Turnstile, Tripods and Speed Gates in Kenya

Secuway Ltd is the leading provider of wide range of Turnstile, Tripods and Speed Gates solutions for controlled access to specially secured zones, Car Parks, Football Stadiums, Theme Parks, Local Authority Entrances Buildings and Security Areas in Nairobi, Kenya.

We offer quality security access systems such as Pedestrian Gates Turnstiles, Tripod Turnstiles Gates, Swing Gate Turnstile, Effective Speed Gates, Access Control Turnstile, Vehicle Barriers Parking Toll‎, Security Turnstiles.

Tripod turnstiles and automatic speed gates are considered to be universal access control systems at entry points of businesses, secured government installations, security operation zones and useful for access controlled reception and entrances to buildings. Speed gate barriers are designed for smooth and silent operation and draw very little power.

Contact Security Systems International Ltd’s friendly sales team for the best deals on the most reliable and widest brands of Speed Gates, Turnstiles and Tripod Security Systems at the most competitive prices in Kenya today. We will offer the ideal advice on the best possible tripod turnstiles and speed gates that meet your specific needs.