Supplier Suprema Biometric in Kenya

Secuway is a leading security service provider in Kenya and the area and is pleased to be a Suprema approved distributor. Suprema is a biometrics leader that provides key fingerprint technology for PC and embedded applications. Suprema’s approach is distinguished by the combination of its outstanding embedded system design capability and deep backgrounds in theories and algorithms, which are supported by a team of specialists with vast experience and skills in biometric solutions, embedded system design, time and attendance, and signal processing.

Suprema is a pioneer in biometrics and security technologies around the world. Suprema is able to produce and assemble durable industry-leading products by integrating world-renowned biometric algorithms with superior engineering. Bluechip Gulf has collaborated with this renowned company with the aim to provide you with the finest Suprema biometric machines in Kenya. Biometric access control systems, time and attendance sensors, fingerprint/live scanners, and integrated fingerprint modules are among Suprema’s many items.

Best digital manufacturers producing equipment with efficient algorithms for multi-biometric identification Suprema, one of the most popular biometric brands in the world, creates access control systems, biometrics systems, and time and attendance solutions by using the highest performing algorithms and superior innovations. Secuway is your one-stop solution when it comes to finding state-of-the-art technology, we collaborate with industry leaders just like Suprema to help you get the best technology at your doorstep.

Track the Presence of your Workforce with Suprema Biometric in Dubai

End-to-End Solutions with Suprema in Dubai

Partnering with our team, you will understand why we are known as the best in the world of IT and Networking in Dubai. We have a talented team of professionals that is always ready to assist you, whether it is with technical device purchase or installation, we are always at your service. To find the best Suprema systems, you can collaborate with our team anytime.

The Suprema FaceStation F2

The Suprema FaceStation F2 is a multidisciplinary fusion interface with unrivalled face detection results. Suprema’s Fusion technology provides excellent authentication accuracy and anti-spoofing efficiency.

Suprema Facelite

Suprema FaceLite is the world’s smallest facial recognition terminal, packed with the most advanced features. FaceLite, which is powered by Suprema’s new facial biometrics breakthrough, provides unrivalled matching speed, precision, and protection.

Suprema Biostation A2

Suprema BioStation A2 is the world’s most sophisticated authentication access control and time attendance device, powered by Suprema’s next-generation biometric systems and safety platform. The world’s best matching performance, uncompromised protection and accuracy, and top-notch usability all contribute to BioStation A2’s class-leading performance.

Suprema Face Station 2

Suprema FaceStation 2 is the world’s most advanced facial recognition terminal, with a slew of cutting-edge features. FaceStation 2, which is driven by Suprema’s new facial biometrics breakthrough, provides unrivalled matching speed, precision, and protection.

Suprema Biostation 2

BioStation 2 is a stunning exterior that integrates the new Suprema technologies. It offers unrivalled efficiency by combining a new powerful processor, Suprema’s next-generation optical sensor, and an advanced fingerprint sensing and capture algorithm. BioStation 2 allows users to manage large amounts of data quickly and easily with instant authentication and data transfer. It’s perfect for applications that demand flexibility without sacrificing style or efficiency.

Building Diverse Workforce with Biometric Scanners

We are a Dubai-based solution provider that provides services in Kenya. In the East Africa, we have high-quality and dependable time and attendance and access management solutions.

  • We are one of the most well-known Time Attendance providers in Kenya.
  • We offer enterprise-level Time Attendance and Access Management tools.
  • With over a decade of substantial knowledge and experience in the industry
  • With us, you can count on the finest possible customer service.
  • You will keep track of the employees in real-time, no matter where they are.

We work with smart and feasible facial recognition time attendance machines like Suprema, which eliminate the need for any taps, logins, or ID cards. Any employee would be able to record their presence in a matter of seconds.

The data is then sent to your servers and generates easy-to-read reports that make keeping track of attendance and timekeeping a breeze. Face readers are a perfect way to combat time stealing and buddy punching while also helping you handle attendance details by accurately recognizing each individual employee. Browse our array of time attendance biometric solutions that use this cutting-edge technology to find the one that’s right for you.