Spikes and Claws in Kenya

n Kenya, Secuway Ltd is the leading supplier of roadway spikes that are effective deterrent for high-volume traffic and act as barrier to access controlled entrances and exits. Security traffic spikes are used as stand alone or with boom barriers to allow controlled access and exit as they enhance security operations.

Secuway Ltd supplies security traffic claws that are mounted above the roadway surface to create a traffic calming bump, slowing traffic for a safer access control point high volume access control systems in Nairobi, Kenya.

The roadway spikes we offer have the following features:
• Adds-high security to traffic barrier access controlled entrances and exits
• Robustly built to withstand impacts from vehicles
• All moving parts are removable for easy maintenance.
• Easy to change orientation depending on traffic flow requirements
• Can be mounted in any position, even away from the traffic
• Components can be transported and installed with ease
• Reliable battery backup ensuring continued service even when the lights go out
• Low maintenance cost, hence saving you money
• Traffic Yellow-coloured spikes for high visibility and increased safety
• All-weather construction.