Rosslare Readers in Kenya

Secuway Ltd are top distributors of Rosslare Readers in Kenya. Our range of Rosslare Security Products Access Control Readers include Fingerprint & Card Reader Biometric, USB Fingerprint Enroller and AC-825IP Controller.

Rosslare AC-825IP Controller
The AC-825IP is a 4 door networked access controller suitable for a medium-scale to high-scale access control projects. The controller comes with one onboard expansion slot and can be further expanded by connecting up to 12 expansion boards via OSDP. Using D-805 door expansion boards, a single AC-825IP can handle up to 58 doors and 100,000 users.

USB Fingerprint Enroller
The DR-B8000 is a USB 2.0 fingerprint enrollment scanner to be used with the Rosslare 8000 series fingerprint readers. The enrollment scanner can be set up using the AxTraxNG Client software or with the RosslareBio 8000 standalone management software, which allows third-party controller support. This device features a modern design with a glass scanning surface, making it robust and long lasting. Its features include:
Scratch-resistant surface
Clear finger scan images
Well designed for convenient use
USB 2.0 compliant
USB powered
Uses standard drivers that support the following operating systems:
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows XP

Fingerprint & Card Reader Biometric
ROSSLARE NEW BIOMETRIC ACCESS CONTROL SOLUTION The AY-B85x0 is a high-quality fingerprint & card reader for indoor applications, which is ideal for any project by providing excellent performance while remaining cost-effective. With a capacity of 7000 fingerprint templates and a built-in 13.56 MHz MIFARE or 125 kHz (EM) credential reader, it enables higher security by dual factor authentication (Fingerprint + Card)