Reseller of ZKTeco Time Attendance and Reseller of Access Control in Kenya

Manage your employee time properly. Use robust access control systems for real-time data reporting 👌.

So, productivity is measured in various ways which include proper employee time management. Some believe that time and attendance are not associated, but at Mall99, we know the importance of time control. Hence, we at Secuway are the most recognized distributor of ZK Time Attendance and  Access Control Systems in Kenya and across East Africa.

In this era where time has no substitute, it is critical to have relevant and trustworthy resources and systems in place. Therefore, as we are moving ahead with technology, our company brings you affordable ZK Access Control Solutions and Fingerprint Access Control. It ranges from AC machines, Access control hardware, and control software. ZKTeco being the leading and worldwide known provider of Time Attendance solutions, we pride ourselves in being a reseller of ZKTeco Access control solutions.

Access Control Biometric Devices in Kenya We offer the best deal on biometric devices using Artificial Intelligence technology. Ranging from robust face recognition and fingerprint, a company is able to monitor attendance for the employees. So, ZKTeco Attendance and Access control systems come with various prices. Hence, we install and configure the biometric device for your use. This biometric access control system can be used for door access control and smart locks.
Access Control and Time Attendance Systems in KenyaAlot of time is lost due to non-accountability and this negatively affects businesses. This is among the end result of mismanaged time. Some employees are not able to account for their productivity time. While some have many dodgy excuses and fabricated stories, ZKTeco is the best solution that your company deserves. Therefore, some companies were afraid of wage loss and unproductive time. However, with ZKTeco all-in-one system solution that offers a variety of solutions from robust face recognition to fingerprints, productivity can be improved. Every employee deserves better wages and so is the company. Thus, organizations ranging from the public sector, private and government are able to reap the benefits from the use of ZKTeco Access Control System Solutions. Thus, ZKTeco made it easier to calculate employee compensation for hours spent on work trips, overtime accumulated, and any other special assignment that might be relevant.
ZK Time Attendance- Face Recognition System in KenyaZKTeco is among the world’s best-known provider of Time and Access control solutions in Dubai and the Middle East. Thus, they have a wide variety of security solutions ranging from Entrance Access control, Video surveillance solutions, and smart locks among other solutions. They provide robust security systems with real-time data. ZKTeco is a famous and most trusted brand across the world. Moreover, they are found in most continents including Africa and Asia. Thus, Techmind Solutions is one of the most trusted and registered resellers of ZK Access Control Management and security solutions in Kenya and across East Africa. Also, we provide Access control machines/hardware, and the software. We do the setup and installation of ZK Access control software. The price of the ZK Access Control System management varies with each business goal. We pride ourselves on the quality of service that we offer our clients in Kenya and across the East africa.To give value to the ZK brand, we commit ourselves to provide top-notch customer service and support for the Time and Attendance System solutions. AS a dedicated Access control system distributor, we make sure we meet our customer demands.