Razor Wire Installers in Nairobi

We are specialist RAZOR WIRE INSTALLERS in Nairobi, Kenya. At Secuway Ltd, we specialize in installation and supply of high quality galvanized barbed wire, electric power fence, barbed wire twist, wire blades and perimeter fencing such as razor wire fence, ripple razor fence, flat trap razor electric fence, strand wall top and free strand electric fence and free standing electric fence, using cathode energizer.

Our barbed razor wires are made from modern fencing materials fabricated with razor-sharp steel blades and high-tensile wire. On installation, they have the effect of inflicting serious cuts on anyone attempting illegal access, frightening and stopping aggressive intruders. They are specially designed to make climbing and touching extremely difficult. Our razor wires and strips are galvanized to prevent corrosion, making them suitable for application in the military, prisons and government buildings. They are also used in securing country homes, society fences and other private buildings.

Our razor wires and barbed wires are affordable, durable, dependable, effective and the best choice for security. For installation, supply, maintenance and repair of top quality electric fence and razor wire products at all times, get in touch with us for both galvanised and stainless barbed razor wires.

Our expertise and experience in the installation of high security fencing will ensure your location is protected effectively. Let us know how we can be useful to you.