Panasonic PBX

The category of Panasonic IP PBX systems comprises of IP PBX systems, smart hybrid PBX systems, compact hybrid IP PBX systems, hybrid PBX systems, and analog PBX systems. Panasonic IP-PBX systems:  KX-NSX series IP PBX systems are widely known as the next generation communication systems to meet today’s business environment. It consists of the model KX-NSX2000 / KX-NSX1000. It offers the benefits of. Panasonic Smart Hybrid PBX systems: This category of systems includes the models KX-NS700, KX-NS500 and KX-NS300. These systems are the best suitable for small to medium business environments. It can be flexibly configured as per the business requirements. These systems support 6 trunks and 18 extensions and can be expanded with the expansion units. Panasonic Compact Hybrid IP PBX systems: These systems bring a smarter working environment. It consists of the models KX-HTS824 and KX-HTS32. These systems are advanced hybrid versions that can support 24 extensions to meet the small-medium business size. They are SIP trunk ready systems and have the Wi-Fi access point.

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