Panasonic Cards

Panasonic KX-TES824 PBX 3 Ports KX TE82494 Caller ID Card allows users to see the caller’s identification, name if it’s in the memory, the phone number if not. The function works on standard single lines & with proprietory phones or any single line phone with display. The network provider should supports the Caller ID service.

KX-TE82494 Caller ID card allows Caller Line Identity for incoming calls to be logged. Can handle up to three lines simultaneously. KX-TE 82494 caller ID card is compatible with the KXTEA308 and KXTES824 (V2 or higher) phone systems and allows a user to see the caller’s telephone number before they answer a call. For the 82494 card to work you will need the service to be set by your line provider. The function works on Panasonic KXT7730 and 7735 handsets and standard single line (SLT) telephones that support caller ID.

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