Electrical Wires and Cables

Search from a wide variety of Electrical Cables from across Kenya. Get the very best prices from trusted sellers today! Our Range of Cables include Medium Voltage Cables, Medium Voltage, Armoured, Copper, LSHF, Non-Armoured, Low Voltage Cables, PVC, XLPE, Armoured, Non-Armoured, Flat Cables, Twin Flat, Twin with Earth, Grey Flat, TECC, Enameled Copper Winding Wire, Class C, 220 Degrees, Polyesterimide, Polyamideimide, Motor Rewinding, Welding Cables, PVC Nitrile Sheathed, PVC Insulated, Multi Stranded, Flexible Cables, Multi-cores,Multi Stranded, Copper Tapes, Pure Copper, 25mm x 3mm Single Core Cables, Stranded Copper, PVC Insulated, Conduit Wire, Various Colours, Power Cables