Portable Biometric Devices

In Nairobi, Kenya, Secuway Ltd is the leading dealer in Portable Bio-metric Devices, which are mobile biometrics solutions that incorporate either single or multiple biometric modalities to aid in identification and authentication of a person. Portable Biometrics have sensors which enable a person to be uniquely identified by evaluating one or several of his distinguishing biological traits such as fingerprint recognition, face recognition, retina and iris patterns.

These access control devices take advantage of handheld technology coming with smartphones, tablets and other wearable devices for versatile deployment.

As identity management solution systems, they are suitable for large scale deployment needs such as work hour management, workforce management solutions, student attendance systems, calculation of wages and payroll management device, attendance tracking system, enforcement of attendance and time off policies device, timely payroll processing device, digital leave management device, Work hour management for part time and full time employees at factories and work hour management at construction sites and franchise stores device.

At Security Systems International Ltd, we have knowledgeable and experienced consultant technicians to help our customers in installation, maintenance and servicing of the latest bio-metric systems and identity management technology devices in Kenya. We are the experts!