Phone System Installation in kenya

Whilst more and more people are engaging in business conversation over mediums such as email, social media and instant messaging, having a great business phone system in place is still crucial.

We’ve been helping businesses find the right phone systems to install for many years across the UK. Whether you need help choosing between a traditional wired phone system or want to make use of the latest in wireless, hosted, technology, the Secuway team will guide you every step of the way.

Here are some of the key questions small business owners need to ask themselves before installing a new phone system:

  • What features do you need?
  • Which aspects of your current set-up work well and which don’t?
  • Is your business increasingly mobile or do you need desktop handsets?
  • How is your current network infrastructure performing?
  • Does your site have good mobile coverage and internet signal?
  • Will the new system need to be scalable because your office is likely to grow?

Here at Secuway Consult we have a dedicated team of telephony experts who can help you choose the right system to install. Our team will give you a free appraisal of your current set-up and offer the best solutions to ensure your new telephone system is fit-for-purpose.

Office phone system installation

Depending on the size and scale of your office, whether you have multiple sites, how mobile your staff are and whether you require any specific functionality from your new system, are all questions that will help our team decide upon the right installation for your business.

For a small business phone system installation there are two main options nowadays when looking at telephone system installations.

The first is PBX (Private Branch Exchange). This is the more traditional system where external phone lines are used for making calls. Internal phone lines can also be connected to a public network.

The second, and an increasingly popular type of system, is VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). This is a telephone system where calls are made and received over the internet. In fact, it’s popularity is growing to the extent that most PBX phone systems are now having IP points added so that the benefits of VOIP can still be utilised.

VOIP phone system installation

The advances in VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology has seen more and more businesses installing cloud-based phone systems. SIP trunking (Session Initiation Protocol) is also a form of VOIP that offers telephone services and unified communications.

Thanks to improved call quality and often reduced set-up costs, generally due to less equipment being needed, VOIP systems are the current installation of choice for a whole host of businesses across a variety of sectors.

If you or your staff work remotely, VOIP systems are the perfect way to stay connected. Thanks to the supreme flexibility of wireless options, like VOIP and SIP, it can be an excellent solution for a wide range of businesses.

Sole traders right through to larger enterprises can make use of the various benefits having a VOIP phone system installed will provide.

If you simply need to take calls and access voicemail when you’re out and about, a VOIP system can be an attractive offering due to low set-up costs and streamlined equipment.

Equally, if you have complex requirements, such as a full call-centre set up, a  VOIP system can provide additional functionality including call recording and the allowance of unlimited amounts of incoming and outgoing lines, amongst other things. Our team at Secuway will tailor a solution for your business.