Mask Detection Security Devices in Kenya

At Secuway we have Mask Detection Platform in Kenya. We supply Facial Recognition Devices that use artificial network to recognize if a user is not wearing a mask. An App is connectable to any existing or new IP mask detection cameras to detect people without a mask. App users can also add faces and phone numbers to send them an alert in case they are not wearing a mask. This is very useful in this era of Corona Virus

Mask detection device allows the user to see who was not wearing a mask and see the photo or the video captured by the camera hence assists to generate reports to download and integrate with any other third-party integration. They are most ideal for application in airports, hospitals, learning institutions and offices.

If the face mask detector application identifies a user who is not wearing a mask, and automatically sends alert to the faces which are recognised. It enforces the wearing of the mask and generates alerts that are all sent with the picture of the person. It allows the application to run automatically.