Secuway Limited are authorised dealers of ZK – LPR CAR ID – LICENSE PLATE RECODNITION CAMERAS in Kenya. ZK-LPR Car ID allows real-time monitoring of alphanumeric license plates captured by the camera, issuing reports with plate recognition data, with available optimized memory storage.

ZK-LPR Car ID is based on BL-852Q38A-LP, ZKTeco’s high-performance camera with an embedded License Plate Recognition application with algorithm executed inside the camera to avoid the use of computers in access control, tolling and weighing scenarios. The License Plate Recognition engine can identify license plates from over 80 countries around the world.

License Plate Recognition software embedded in the camera
Supports 3rd party integration (Milestone and Lenel)
Identifies plates from more than 80 countries
Access lists for multiple events configuration

ZK-LPR Car ID is next step in ZKTeco’s access control system technology for an efficient and simple vehicle access management, delivering, faster & easier set-up and allowing customers to achieve high performance with lower installation, maintenance and off-site programming costs.