We are one of the leading IP CCTV CAMERA INSTALLERS and dealers in Kenya today. We offer professional IP CCTV Installations with a much higher resolution that allows the view of an area that will take as many as six analog cameras for homes and businesses in major cities and towns across the country as necessary part of security considerations at homes and businesses; including stores, offices and factories; hence reduces total cost of ownership.

We install IP Camera Systems that use standard network cabling to convert the video signal into IP packets to be transmitted over the data network or internet to a network storage device such as a server, NAS, or by storing on board the camera.

At Secuway Ltd, we don’t just install, we make sure you understand your new security system in order to get the most benefits out of it. These video surveillance systems enable you to watch over your home or business from anywhere, with Android, IOS or Windows smart phone or PC.

From few CCTV cameras installation to surveillance systems requiring 100s of channels and multiple viewing stations, we deploy surveillance systems using security best practice and technologies including IP, wireless and high definition analogue systems, bringing you the best user experience in your security system.