How to Monitor your Guard with Guard Patrol System

Contact Secuway Ltd for JWM Guard Tour Systems such as Touch Guard Tour Systems, RFID Guard Tour Systems, GSM/GPRS Real Time Guard Tour System, GPS Tracking System, and Multifunctional Data Collector which can be used in Guard Patrol Monitoring and Verification System, Time and Attendance Monitoring, Logistics application, Asset management, and Incident Reporting and Meter Reading.

JWM Guard Tour systems make guard patrol easier, solve the problem of report doctoring associated with the traditional papery systems; and effectively prevent the hidden dangers caused by the careless of watchmen.

The systems are used to help organizations and companies to organize, log and execute effective supervision and management to the guard tour and patrol staff and working records through the system in situations such as fire prevention, anti-theft, and security patrol of buildings and residential properties, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, buildings, factories, and mines, petroleum, electricity, railway, telecommunications, public security, army, forestry, hospital, school, and other industries.

The smart guard tour system software truly makes mobile patrol easier. Not only track guard activities and digital footprints. But you can also create schedules to make sure that security patrolling proceed as planned as well as perform the attendance monitoring system duties.