We believe that the intruder should be intercepted at the first stage, which is normally from boundary to the building of the house. As by doing this we not only stop them coming into our home but also protect our Valuables.

Our services

Secuway protects your business, property, employees and customers by providing:

Armed and Unarmed Security Guards
Uniformed and Plain-Clothed Security Guards

Special Events can range from political conventions to sports spectaculars, from awards shows and entertainment events to product sales and major corporate marketing events;  We offer unparalleled safety, security, and presence to any event.

Secuway offers professional investigative services both nationally and internationally for the most intricate of issues, assuring confidentiality for our clients, and addressing the most sensitive of subjects.  Our investigators will bring you the results you need in a timely manner.

Featured Solutions

Secuway is the leading supplier and installation of Biometric/RFID Access Control Systems, Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarm Systems, Metal Detectors, Under search Mirror, Walk through & Baggage Scanner, Time & Attendance Reader- Clocking system, Hotel Lock Systems, Door Controllers in Kenya.

Secuway offers a complete line of quality CCTV cameras and security cameras for surveillance systems. Our Cameras Ranges From; Indoor and Outdoor Cameras, Motion Detector and PTZ Cameras, Network IP Security Cameras, Video Recorders and Accessories, wireless surveillance cameras, Hidden and Nanny Cameras.

Protecting Your Home or Business: Whether you need external intruder detection or to safeguard key internal areas we have a solution for you.  Secuway  is a leader in home security, with the ultimate stock of Alarm System, Vibration Sensors, Siren & Buzzers, Indoor & Outdoor Motion Detectors, Remote Panic Button, Fixed & Wireless Panic Buttons, Control Systems, Alarm Receivers

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We have competent technical team and consultant who have gathered enough experience in the same field


We're always looking for ways to save money, and one surefire way to do that is to provide quality products and services that last

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