G Speak Ultra in Kenya

As a wireless mobile based intercom system, G-Speak Ultra consists of combined gate station and GSM module that effectively turns the user’s phone into the intercom handset. It uses technology that enhances maximum security and convenience by enabling upto four different users to answer the intercom from their respective mobile phones.

The G-Speak Ultra technology conveniently makes it possible to monitor and control a chain of electrical appliances such as electric fences and gate motors due to the presence of independently configurable channels component as either input or output.

It comes with a wide range of advantages. Since it is wireless, it saves the users the hassle of installing expensive cable runs into the houses and business premises. The G-Speak Ultra is secure and easy to set up since it is administered through SMS command that is sent directly from the user’s mobile phone.

It allows users to receive SMS, email and missed call notifications on their mobile of unfolding events such as switch lights on or off, switch on or off a pool pump, open your gate form wherever you are across the world, gate left open, alarm activated, arm an alarm, mains power failed..etc

The G-SPEAK ULTRA enables you to get access to CENTURION’s web interface, meaning, from the comfort of your office or home, you can manage all your devices and systems with your mobile handset. This also applies where you need to effect resetting, such as password on your device.

With G Speak Ultra technology, convenience seamlessly meets peace of mind, hence security.