Four CCTV Camera Installation Mistakes to Avoid

If you own a business, whether it is a retail store, fuel station or restaurant, one of the biggest concerns is security. You must do everything possible within your budget to secure the premises for the sake of protecting assets, equipment and people. Even though the valuables are certainly worth protecting, with regards to money, your employees and customers are even more important.

In South Africa, jewellery stores are frequently targeted by armed robbers, and restaurants have also become easy targets. Only one such robbery is needed to scare away customers. As such, the installation of CCTV cameras and other security measures is also an investment in the image of your business. You must make sure that your customers feel secure and safe when they enter your business premises.

To get the best value from CCTV cameras, avoid the following mistakes:

  1. Not doing a background check on the installation firm

Don’t settle for the first or cheapest installation team. Do a bit of research. Does the company have an image to uphold? If they don’t have a website, office, security products that they sell, proven track record of installations, and affordable pricing, move onto the next company. The installation team should be registered for the provision of security products and the installation thereof. Also keep in mind that the installers will know just about everything regarding how your security system works.

You therefore need to be able to trust them, so just hiring the first company that comes along is also a security risk. Find out how many installations the company has completed, and whether they have experience related to the installation of various types of CCTV cameras, access control systems and alarm systems. You want to know that the company can be trusted, that their team is competent, and that they will understand your particular security monitoring requirements.

  1. Choosing a CCTV camera supplier or installer based only on price

Yes, working within the limitations of your budget is important. But, if you pay the price of an old cheap car, you cannot expect it to perform like a new luxury model. If the cameras are exceptionally cheap, you can expect malfunctioning and poor image quality. If the installation team’s quote is below average, you can be sure that they will not go the extra mile to ensure the correct installation.

Your most important concern should be quality. You want the cameras to work as required, the installation to be done correctly, and the assurance that the installation company isn’t just scouting to get information about the business premises and security. You want warranties and guarantees. Only then do you look at price, and compare with other CCTV camera suppliers and installers.

  1. Not doing a pre-installation security survey

The pre-installation security survey is important to help you understand where to place the cameras. Here, the experience of the supplier and the installer is also important. Cameras should be installed in such a manner, so as to minimise the effect of light glaring on the lenses. In addition, you will not use the same types of cameras for monitoring the hallways, as will be used to monitor the building’s exterior or the parking lot.

The most important areas of the business premises must be monitored. However, the survey will show where these areas are. In a restaurant, for instance, the POS systems and the main till must be monitored. There must be a camera at the storage room entrance, one at the cold storage, one at the entrance of the restaurant, one on the veranda, one behind the bar, and throughout the seating area, as well as the stock receiving area, the kitchen, and the hallway to the restroom area. The pre-installation survey will also help to identify which types of cameras will work best for the various areas.

  1. Thinking that you can install the CCTV cameras system without professional help

Unless you have extensive experience in CCTV camera selection and installation, it is best to make use of professionals. When buying the system online, make use of a supplier, such as Security Warehouse, where you get comprehensive information on every product, and can get professional guidance regarding which cameras to buy for specific monitoring purposes.

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