Foggy Security System Kenya

Protect your assets from intruders and burglars with quality and effective Foggy Systems from Secuway Ltd. Releasing in 0.1 seconds and projecting security smoke over six meters within seconds, this foggy system does not give intruders the slightest chance to proceed with his bad intensions.

Secuway Ltd is the authorised distributors of ADT’s security fogging systems in Kenya. It has proven to be incredibly effective in preventing theft or damage once an intruder has broken into a business premises. It also protects staff from the danger of possible violent crime. Foggy System makes it impossible for intruders to see even 10cm ahead and because it is so dense, the smokescreen hangs in the air long enough until help arrives. What is better, our Security Fog system leaves no residue, meaning your equipment or stock, from electrical goods to antiques, will not be damaged.

The fog system is ideal for offices, homes, warehouses, and any other environment prone to theft and burglary