FIRE SAFETY SOLUTUIONS-Fire Safety Equipment, Fire Extinguishers and Safety Signs

We provide fire detection systems, firefighting equipment and fire protection solutions. Our firefighting products includes extinguishers, automatic fire alarms, heat detectors and smoke detectors. We also stock intelligent fire systems that can be attached to the firefighting equipment and agents

Our solutions include:

  • Supply, installation, commissioning and training of the use of portable Fire Fighting equipment such as foam fire extinguisher, water extinguisher, carbon dioxide and dry powder and fire blankets
  • Supply, installation, commissioning and training of firefighting systems such as Wet riser systems, Sprinkler systems, hydrant systems and Hose reel system and Gas fire suppression systems
  • Supply, installation, commissioning and training of alarm and fire detection systems which includes standalone and integrated detectors
  • Supply and installation of fire signage


We have several classes of fire: A, B, C, D, E and F with fire equipment clearly labeled with that class of rating. The fire equipment have a color code for identification to fire companies and clients.


We partner with our suppliers to provide different types of fire extinguishers. This has reduced the cost massively


A fire blanket is a fire extinguishing device manufactured in flame proof mateials typically glass wool. The blanket provide an additional fire safety to your extinguisher mainly in catering and kitchen environment. Most commonly, the are used to extinguish small contained fires such as paper fire in the office, fire in the kitchen, engine compartment office and barbeques. The large sized blankets can be used as a body wrap, ideal for young adults and children for safe evacuation.

Once the blanket is realed from its container, it is opened to its full size and placed over the fire. Our fire blankets are deisgned for a quick deployment and realease and ideally should be sited near emergency access view or close to the area of fire risk. Blankets can be hung at home on the inside of the kitchen cupboard door close.

Once deployment is made, leave for several minutes until all the fire signs have disappeared. Normally fire blankets are not reusable if the outer sleeve is damaged by fire allowing oxygen intake.

Fire Alarm & Detection System

Alarm and fire detection system has a number of devices working together to warn and detect people through audio and visual appliances when fire, smoke, carbon dioxide and other emergencies. These alarms are automatically activated from heat and smoke detectors or may also be activated through manual call points or pull stations. Alarms can be wall mountable sounders or motorized bells or horns.

The choice of fire alarm system is dependent on the structure of the building, the use and purpose of the building and the current legislation.


Smoke detectors senses the smoke as an indicator that fire is present. Commercial security devices issues a signal to a fire alarm control panel as part of the system, while household smoke detectors (smoke alarms) issue a local visual or audio alarm from the detector.

It contain two chambers; one used as a reference to compensate for changes in pressure, humidity and ambient temperature. The second contains a radioactive source (alpha particle), which ionizes the air passing through the chamber where a current flows between the electrode.