Employee, Staff, Student Biometric Clocking Time and Attendance System

Our systems registers thousands of fingerprints and keep the attendance logs in the system database. The employee clocking systems is a stoic staff attendance that is used b HR management to assist in attendance management, general and leave employee data management.

Our time attendance gives output in MS excel and MS Access database, and MSQL that can be integrated with any payroll systems.

We are the leading time and attendance companies in Kenya and installs and supplies Employee Biometric time attendance management systems and biometric user verification. The greatest challenge with logging attendance in a book is that employees rarely record the correct time in and time out.

This malpractice is also extended to late friends. Collecting attendance data can be done by use of devices from best suppliers in the world such as ZK-teco, Secugen, Suprema and Safran Morpho and other reliable time and attendance systems.

Our Solutions

  • We install school attendance management systems that sends email and SMSs notification to designate contacts such as guardians or parents when students get to school and clock in or out
  • Dining management systems/Meal management systems where authorized persons can take food
  • Transport management systems for use by hospitality industry, learning institutions, flower farms to monitor use of school and staff buses.
  • Mobile biometric devices for management of workers at a construction sites