Electric Fence Systems Supplier and Installer in Kenya

An electric fence is a barrier uses electric shocks to deter animals or people from crossing a boundary. The voltage may have extreme effects ranging from uncomfortable, to death or lethal. We provide high security anti intrusion electric fences with shock energizers for high security suppliers, corporates, political houses, high risk zones, airports, power plants, defense, factories, farms and high security zones in East Africa.

We are a market leader in electric fencing in Kenya. Our expertise, products and distribution network ensure you obtain the ideal electric fence in Kenya for animal control and perimeter security.

An electric fence consists of solar or main powered energizer which provides high voltage pulses to the electric wires on electric fence. These pulses provide a non-lethal but painful shock to an intruder trying to gain unauthorized access to property.

Any tampering with fence for instance separating wires or cutting the electrified fencing wire or cutting the electrified fencing wire results in triggering an alarm. It can be easily transmitted to security personnel monitoring the site or an external alarm response company.

Electric fence can be used in government, military, warehouse, factories, industrial complexes, farms, housing estates and private houses. Electric fencing in Kenya can be installed on existing perimeters on top of walls or as a standalone fence. Electric fence do not increase electricity consumption, on the contrary, you will only see a slight increase on electricity usage bill. Electric fence can be powered by solar panel thus reducing the cost of electricity effectively.

We are the best installer for solar powered electric fence. We provide tape, wire, insulators, posts, energizers and other accessories needed to have a working Electric Fence in Nairobi Kenya. The amount of solar powered electric fence jobs are on the rise in Kenya. Thus, anyone with necessary skills can find easy work in the industry.

With advent of new millennium and increase in information technology, security has become one of the major threats in the world. We have a history of customers strive to have a good working relationship with customers. As a reputable electric fence installer in Kenya, we offer advice and several tips for maintenance and installation of your electric fence.

Where to buy If you are looking or a fair price to buy solar powered and raw powered electric fence, do not hesistate to call use for top quality installations. We have clients in all the major towns of Kenya even the most remote parts