Clocking Systems and Time Attendance System

Our clocking systems/time attendance includes the use biometrics to record or capture employee attendance. The software has more outstanding features that makes the users feel comfortable to use. It allows employee arrangement work shift at any given time.

We are devoted to provide a cutting edge technology with Hybrid Biometric, time attendance, RFID, Wi-Fi application, solutions and internet application. We provide a full range solutions including face identification, RFID, fingerprints and palm recognition, attendance management software and portable time clocks

Features/ modules

  • Time attendance Management
  • HR/ Employee Management
  • Overtime Management
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Casuals Management

These system incorporates a comprehensive report based on the man hours computed from time attendance data. The report can be exported to xml, csv, txt, pdf and excel making it possible to integrate with other systems.

Our Software

Our Software is one of the latest innovations we have for our valued customers and that has more outstanding features which make the users more easy and comfortable to use sophisticated options and features.

20 Time Attendance Reports

  • Flexible Report Types with 20+ Formats to fulfill various requirements.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports
  • Department-wise Summary Reports


  • Support Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Support different database
  • Easy DB Config tool available

Brand New User-Orientated UI

  • Refined Graphics
  • Easy Menu Navigation
  • Simple to New Users
  • New Flat-icon Design

Terminal Zone Management System

  • Device management has never been that easy
  • Auto Data Synchronization among devices in each zone

Auto E-mail Notifications

  • Auto E-mail delivery of Exception Report to remind involved persons
  • Calculation of Exception including earliness, lateness and absence