Centurions Industrial Traffic Barriers

Secuway Ltd is the authorised distributor and installer of the Centurion Systems and accessories in Nairobi, Kenya. We deal in original Industrial Traffic Barriers that are renowned for their impressive role in controlling heavy incoming and outgoing industrial traffic.

Our range includes Centurion Section II Traffic Barriers, Automatic 24V Hybrid Barrier, Claws can conveniently handle the heaviest of traffic volumes at one go. The Centurions Industrial Barriers are preferred by most industries because of their high performance and reliability, full visibility for approaching traffic, ease of installation and maintenance, and high efficiency when it comes to security.

We stock Centurion’s Sector High-Volume Industrial Traffic Barrier that sets the standard for automatic traffic barriers. They have the capacity to raise a 3m boom pole in a blistering 1.2seconds and lower it just as fast.