Boom Barriers in Kenya

Secuway Ltd supplies and installs High Performance Automatic Boom Barrier Systems available in wide range of lengths to meet all installation requirements. Automatic Parking Barrier offers security at the exit and the entry points of sensitive areas, car parks, industrial unit, offices, corporate houses, residential areas, parking lots, and toll tax plazas.

Boom Barriers are fitted with equipment which only allows people with a code or a pass card to enter. Indeed, the sight of an automatic barrier is often enough to ensure that property is not targeted by individuals for theft, terrorism or mere anti-social behaviour because they cannot get in. Not only do barriers of this type keep access areas secure, they offer employees and other authorised personnel who are allowed through a real sense of security and safety.

We are leading sale and installation experts of automatic Boom Barriers that can also be linked to access control systems with safety systems. Parking barriers are primarily designed to control traffic flow i.e. in and out of a car park. Perhaps your workplace falls victim to shoppers looking for a convenient parking space? Parking Barriers are extremely reliable and can create an invaluable deterrent outside of your commercial property.