Biometric access control devices are security devices which controls entry to a premise through use of code, Iris scan, palm print or thumb, face or special card. These can be used for commercial and home security in Kenya. The biometric door lock utilizes finger print technology to lock and unlock our door. With access control systems, you can set, re-set, add or remove the fingerprint access information on the devices when the need arises.

We are the leading biometric systems in Kenya, our systems can register thousands of users and store all logs in the system database. Our biometric access can be advanced by integration with other systems such as biometric time attendance systems. Our access control systems can be fitted on plain wooden doors, glass doors, and steel doors with aluminum frames among others.

We have over the years proven to be the market leader in Kenya for biometric access control solutions. We are biometric dealers, distributors, installers and supplier of different types of fingerprint solutions. This is a standard practice that most of the systems, measures such as RFID, HID, passwords, PIN, Mifare swipe keys and cards are used for restriction and verification of access.

Any major biometric installation, or access control installer in Kenya suffer a major setback. People do change and can disclose to unauthorized parties or forget them compared to other biometric data.

The different types of locks available at our premises for clients include Hotel door locks, strike lock, Bolt locks and magnetic locks among others available for sliding and swinging doors.