Secuway is one of the leading supplier and installer of biometric attendance systems SYSTEMS IN KENYA . We supply and install Employee Biometrics time attendance management Systems and biometric user verification solutions, biometric access control system, fingerprint attendance system software, biometric school attendance software and biometric staff attendance management system. Any major biometric time attendance system company in Kenya will agree that the biggest disadvantage with logging attendance in a book is that employees do not write the correct arrival or departure time and sometimes they also log in their late friends. The most reliable and  accurate technique of collecting attendance data is by use of devices from respected suppliers such as Suprema, ZKteco, Safran Morpho by Idemia, Secugen among others.

As a leading provider of the Biometric systems in Kenya, our systems are able to register over one thousand fingerprints and store all logs in the systems database. Like our other security products, our biometric time attendance systems can be advanced by integration with biometric access control systems. Our Employee clocking system or Staff attendance management system can be used by human resource to assist in time management and payroll.

Being a market leader in fingerprint scanners in Nairobi Kenya with  years’ experience:

  • We have implemented School attendance management Systems which send SMS and Email alerts to designated contacts when students get to school and clock in or leave school and clock out.
  • We have also implemented meal management systems where only staff and students who have made payments can have their meals as the system bars those who have not paid.
  • Our transport management systems have been used by learning institutions and companies to manage school and staff buses.
  • Mobile biometric devices are in use for management of workers at construction sites and sales people in the field. These systems can be used in areas with minimal access to electricity as they have in built batteries.

As a leading Biometric systems supplier and distributor in Kenya and a provider of School attendance Management Software in Kenya, our fingerprint scanners offer a preferable attendance capturing method because the individual who requires identification has to be present physically during identification.

We advise our clients on the reasons for installing a time attendance system and how it improves their businesses. Our services are available in Kenya and Throghout East and Central Africa

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