We are a complete BIOMETRIC INSTALLATION SOLUTION PROVIDERS in Kenya. We are installers of top branded security systems; including Attendance and Access Control Systems, Biometric Fingerprint Devices, RFID Card, Numeric Password, Iris and Facial Recognition systems, Palm Vein Access Control and Intelligent Time Attendance Systems, Mifare Card, that are designed to keep your home and office completely safe at all times and specifically designed to meet the access needs of any organization, irrespective of its size, layout, location and timings. We install access control devices that are easily integrated with the entrance and exit doors and other access stations for the complete record and security of the premises.

Secuway Ltd is easily the leading provider and installer of Biometric Products and Solutions in Kenya due to the widest range of Access Control Systems, also known as Access Control Management Systems that we deal in. Our security systems installation solution is highly reliable, accurate and rugged to withstand any working environments. We do Biometric Installation for schools and learning institutions, banks, hospitals, restaurants and hotels, apartments, factories, construction sites, research institutes, data centers and places intended for physical protection of property or information from unauthorised people.