Biometric Full Height Turnstiles in Kenya

For Biometric Turnstiles in Kenya, contact Security Systems International Ltd, the distributors of total pedestrian restricted area security access devices with biometric reader in Kenya. We supply quality turnstiles, the highest vandal proof pedestrian indoor or outdoor barrier in security areas with restricted access levels.

At Secuway Ltd, we supply advanced programmable biometric turnstiles, the security automation process systems to ease multi directional controlled pedestrian traffic flow to any access or revenue system, giving you complete flexibility and control.

Biometric turnstiles are security access control systems best suited for large car parks, theme parks, local authority entrances such as courts and football stadiums.

Secuway Ltd have all the knowledge and expertise needed, and other high quality total secure access control solutions and systems, to help you choose, install and maintain the most ideal biometric turnstile for your needs.