Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Software Gaining Popularity Worldwide

Organisations around the world are quickly replacing outdated systems, going for modern attendance tracking with software driven biometric time & attendance systems, chiefly owing to the benefits of the versatile system.

Speeding Up The Clocking Process

This technology based system is an advanced tracking software which helps business in saving time in clocking and the money lost due to payroll discrepancies. The biometric fingerprint system benefits the employees in many ways. The employee benefits from the short time to it takes to scan the fingerprint and automatically log in, without any line-ups of employees, to slow down the process.

Prevents Time Theft & Payment Discrepancies

It also prevents time stealing and buddy punching, to encourage honest conduct. As time discrepancies are nullified, employees who have worked on statutory holidays, get their overtime payments accordingly and fairly. The biometric system also helps organisations to operate from different locations, over different industries thereby helping to streamline payment disbursement.

Use of Mobile Applications

The system can be adapted to be used via mobile applications, enabling time tracking of mobile employees on-the-go for work, using their smartphones or tablets. A dedicated app built for the organisation will do the job easily for employees operating from different locations.

Expandable Software System

The fingerprint attendance software integrated to the biometric attendance system is capable of handling multiple shifts and shift schedules, along with related elements like grace-time, break time, off-day, etc. This software system is also scalable, as well as supportive to attendance policy changes envisaged in future. The system will also support a self-service portal for employees’ use and for administrative ease.

Therefore, a software system such as TimeCheck will help any organisation, or business, to maximise productivity of employees and supporting payrolls of the organisation with multiple locations. Get more info about this effective time and attendance software solutions at our website (or) you can also request a demo. Please leave us an enquiry and we’ll get in touch with you.