Biometric Access Control Solutions Supplier and Installer in Kenya

We offer state of the art access security systems using Multi-Biometric Authentication to suit your particular needs. Our products are engaged with IP based standalone accessories, readers and access control panel with network based one stop access control and T and A software.

Hardware Features

  • Facial recognition
  • Passwords/pin numbers
  • Biometrics for identification
  • Iris recognition
  • Finger Vein

High Level of Security

With face and fingerprint recognition technology, it can prevent outsider from entering the premises. The secure I/O can block forceful entry of outsiders in breaking the system. It offers a power security by encoding data inside along with management authentication.

Effective System Management

The entry and exit status and paths at the entrance door can be tracked and monitored on a real-time basis. A centralized control center can manage the business entrance in multiple locations easily

Affordable Installation Cost

A standalone-based integrated access control system is user-friendly and at the same time an affordable solution that can offer the optimal performance and convenient management.

Our Access Control Software

We excel in a professionally developed access control designed to manage all access control and standalone terminals. The software can generate attendance report and simultaneously manage access control. The new GUI design and user-friendly structure will make daily management more convenient and pleasant.

Software features

  • Embedded fingerprint registration tool for uploading and registering templates
  • Menu-driven dashboard display
  • Quick start links for common operations
  • Set interlocks and anti-pass back between doors
  • Individual door configuration
  • Door interlocks for mantrap control
  • Programming of duress password
  • In and Out reader configuration
  • Real-Time event monitoring with door status icon
  • Floor plans and Import maps for site-specific door management
  • Remote opening/closing of an individual or all doors
  • Reports with customized search engine
  • One-click database backup
  • Multiple export formats for event logs
  • All system changes are logged