Automatic Security Bollards in Kenya

Security Bollards, also known as Hydraulic Bollards or Security Parking systems, are used as driveway access control systems to prevent ram raiding and car ramming attacks into buildings from terrorists, used to delineate the spaces between pedestrian walkways and parking lots, such as outside stores and also helps to protect people walking from errant vehicles.

At Secuway Ltd, we supply security steel bollards and vehicle barriers that assist in controlling access and traffic to unwanted vehicles. We have a wide selection of steel bollards for every need. We supply automatic rising and retractable security road block barriers for Kenyan and East African Users. Also available are stainless steel hydraulic rising bollards that are intelligently remote controlled with strong impact resistance sold at the best price.

Bollards are widely used in parking lots, banks, warehouses, military bases, highway toll stations, embassies, ports and airports, checkpoints, prisons, government agencies, customs, industrial and mining enterprises; and all places where vehicle traffic is restricted.