Automatic and Manual Burglar Alarm Systems

Secuway serves as an online distributor, supplier, dealer, reseller and installer of Vibration sensors, remote panic button, indoor and outdoor motion detectors, alarm cables, motion detectors in Nairobi Kenya.
We deal with equipment such as Wireless Alarm System Receiver, Wireless remote Buttons, Fixed Panic Buttons alarm, Fixed Panic Buttons alarm, GSM Control Panel, Pet Immunity Motion Detector, Security Alarm Siren Kit (COVER, HORN, STROBE), Heavy Duty Door magnet, Outdoor Motion Detector, Vibration Sensor, Ceiling Mount PIR Detector with Zoom Control, SWAN QUAD Digital Quad PIR Detector, Secolink Universal communicator GSV5 Alarm GSM/GPRS Kit, Power Series 64-Zone LCD Full-Message Keypad.