Audio & Video Door-Phones in Kenya

We supply and install wide range of quality Audio and Video Door Phones in Kenya. Our range of video door phones, cashier audio phones or teller audio phones and wireless door bells, among others. Audio and video security door-phones are installed at the gate or entrances to relay both video and audio signals between the gate and the houses or apartments to enable dwellers know in real time who is visiting them.

The video door phone or gate intercoms enable you to see who is at the entrance and also allows you to survey your entrance surroundings to check for unwarranted people loitering around who might try to enter at some time as your visitor.

Audio door phone gadget enables you to have conversation with people outside your gate while you are in the house, office or apartment before granting them access. We supply standard product line of audio and video door-phones with refined design that provides a better quality.

The audio & video door intercoms have the in-built systems that can record (hear) and see what is happening at your gate but people at your gate cannot see or notice inside. They are customizable and configurable to; for example, 1 intercom going to 2 phones or 2 separate intercoms that connect to 2 separate phones..etc.

Our products are supported by skilled installation, repair services, knowledgeable and friendly staff who are focused on educating the customer as on the best product handling procedures after the sale.