Alarm System Installers in Kenya

Secuway LTD is Professional ALARM SYSTEMS INSTALLERS in Kenya, specializing in FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS, ELECTRIC FENCE SYSTEMS and ANTI-BURGLARY SYSTEMS. We deal in installation, inspection, monitoring, configuration and maintenance of all types of Alarm systems, Security products and safety systems for all industries.

We guarantee efficient and high-quality fire alarm systems installations from both simple manual systems and complex, technologically- advanced fire alarm systems for bigger projects. Our experience and track record of previous projects make us a reliable partner for your fire protection requirements.

We install and do the following tests during each inspection:
• Smoke detector sensitivity test
• Notification appliance audibility and intelligibility test
• Battery load test
• Control panel fuse and power supply test
• Manual pull stations test
• Random check of circuits

Secuwayl Ltd’s certified fire alarm inspectors will conduct these routine checks for you, at a schedule based on your fire alarm system. We will consult this with you to ensure that inspections are done at correct intervals to confirm that all the components are functional and free from physical damage or other impairment, after which we provide you with a detailed inspection report indicating all performances and deficiencies of each of the alarm system’s components. We go over these reports with you and answer any questions you might have.