Access control systems solutions from Secuway security solutions company in Nairobi

Access control systems solutions from Secuway security solutions company in Nairobi

Secuway is the market leader in Kenya for biometrics access control solutions. As one of the leading biometrics companies in Kenya, we are suppliers, installers, dealers and distributors of different types of access control solutions.

Biometric/RFID Access Control Solutions Experts in Kenya

Biometric/RFID Access Control Solutions in Kenya are some of the best and most accurate systems of controlling access to restricted areas and information. The phrase “biometric systems” defines automated systems that can capture a biometric sample such as a fingerprint from a person and extract data from it. It can then compare the data with reference templates and determine their identity or grant them access.

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How about Access control from Secuway Access Control company in Nairobi , Kenya

In case you are looking for an incredible way of access control Kenya, then you may need to consider biometric access control.

At Secuway, we know how secure biometric systems are and can, therefore, give you the very best access control systems in Kenya. Due to the delicacy and complexity of such systems, we ensure you that we will install systems that will work so that you don’t have to keep calling us due to system malfunctions. Note that malfunctions in such complex systems may lead to a lot of unwarranted delays and inconveniences.

Biometric access control uses unique elements of a human body to identify who to grant access. For example, door access control can be done with the use of a fingerprint scanner. First, the authorized finger prints are scanned and fed into a database. After that, a finger print reader is placed near the door. Anyone who wants entry puts their finger on the reader and only those who are authorized are granted access.

Our biometric access control systems can be used in different places. You can use them in your home, office or business premises. There are people who even prefer to use them only on the most sensitive areas of their homes or businesses so that they can effectively and powerfully restrict access to those areas. This therefore enhances the security of their valuables and confidentiality of documents and other private items.

We have experienced staff that will ensure they take good care of your installations. They will also answer any queries you may have and give directions as to how best you can use these systems. Call us today to make an order and we will be happy to help.